The Campbell Collaboration Mosteller Award to Dr. David B. Wilson

Dr. David B. Wilson, Professor and Chair of the Criminology, Law and Society Department atGeorge Mason University, has been given this year's award for his distinctive contributions to systematic reviewing. Dr. Wilson has made numerous contributions to both the methodology and practice of research synthesis.

Dr. Wilson is co-chair of the The Campbell Collaboration Crime and Justice Group. He is a leading systematic review methodologist in crime and justice and a distinguished statistician in this area. Along with Mark Lipsey, he has pioneered meta-analysis statistical approaches and co-authored Practical Meta-Analysis, one of the most widely used statistical texts in this area. He has also developed a free online software tool for computing effect sizes and conducting meta-analysis that is widely used in Crime and Justice and other substantive areas. Dr. Wilson has not only advanced methods and pushed Crime and Justice to higher quality reviews as editor-in-chief of the Crime and Justice Group, but has also been involved in a series of high quality reviews in the area, including three published Campbell reviews. Dr. Wilson was awarded theMarcia Guttentag Award for Early Promise as an Evaluator by the American Evaluation Association in 1999.

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