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Social Welfare

 The Social Welfare Coordinating Group (SWCG) produces, maintains, and disseminates systematic reviews in the fields of social care. The SWCG provides editorial services and technical support to authors of Campbell reviews.

The Social Welfare Coordinating Group is supported by an international network of scholars, policy makers, practitioners, funders, students, and others who are interested in effective methods to promote social welfare, health, and social justice.

The Social Welfare Group:

  • identifies topics for systematic reviews
  • encourages collaboration in the development and production of systematic reviews
  • provides reviewers with advice on planning and executing C2 systematic reviews
  • assures that titles, protocols, and systematic reviews are processed in accordance with Campbell's guidelines
  • gives feedback and organizes peer review
  • assures that accepted titles, protocols, and reviews meet Campbell standards
  • makes accepted titles, protocols, and reviews accessible through The Campbell Library
  • contributes to the development of Campbell policy, guidelines, and electronic resources
  • coordinates with related groups in the Cochrane Collaboration
  • communicates membership ideas and concerns to The Campbell Collaboration Steering Group

Access the SWCG Plan of Governance

Use the left hand menu to navigate the Social Welfare Group web pages.

Contact Us

  • P.O. Box 7004, St. Olavs plass,
    N-0130 Oslo, Norway
  • (+47) 23 25 50 00
  • (+47) 23 25 50 10
  •  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.