All courses listed are open to external participants, though there may be a fee. To attend any of the courses below please contact the course organizers, as provided in the link for each course.

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Campbell Courses

These are courses provided by or approved by, Campbell trainers. The training material is consistent with Campbell policies and procedures.

The launch of the UK and Ireland Campbell Centre and Complimentary Training (Videos from June 7, 2017)

Campbell Collaboration Methods Training Videos

Michael Borenstein: Introduction to Meta-Analysis


Courses recommended by Campbell

The course material has been reviewed by the Campbell Training Coordinating Group and judged sufficiently in line with Campbell policies and procedures to be recommended.

UK-based courses offered by University of York, England:

Cochrane Training Courses are offered regularly at different locations around the world.

Cochrane Online course: Introduction to systematic reviews


Other evidence synthesis courses

These training courses have either not been reviewed by the Campbell Training Coordinating Group, or have been judged to not be sufficiently aligned with the Campbell Training Coordinating Group. We list these courses to promote general awareness of systematic reviews and other evidence synthesis.

Systematic reviews masters and online courses offered by EPPI-Centre, London, UK, courses offered regularly

Free workshop August 2018: Meta-Analysis Training Institute (MATI)

Systematic review courses offered by Joanna Briggs Institute, Adelaide, Australia, courses offered regularly


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