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  • Evidence-based policy and practice: Nordic perspectives

    This half-day event in Oslo Norway on Thursday, 4 May, from 8:00 – 13:00 is organised by the Campbell Collaboration, an international research network supporting the production and use of rigorous evidence synthesis. The event is open to government, civil society, researchers, media, and anyone interested in how evidence is used to inform policy and practice.
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  • CEDIL offers positions

    The Centre of Excellence for Development Impact and Learning (CEDIL), funded by DFID, is a new Centre to develop and test innovative approaches to impact evaluation and evidence synthesis. A consortium comprising the Campbell Collaboration, the EPPI-Centre, Evaluation for Development Policy (EDePo), the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie),and LSHTM has been awarded the contract for this work. The work of the consortium members will be supported by a small Research Directorate with positions open now.
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  • Four Campbell methods grants awarded

    The Campbell Collaboration is pleased to announce that four grants have been awarded as part of its programme supporting innovative methods development. This Campbell funding programme has been made possible by the generous support of the American Institutes for Research (AIR). Congratulations to winners from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the University of Bern, Development Services Group Inc., and the University of Miami.
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  • Confronting irrationality: why take risks and assign life a value

    bill aldridge's terror meter, flickr/cc 2.0

    ‘Intuitive evidence’ results in irrational decisions. Consider all the irrational decisions we all make from a relative risk perspective, for example death by terrorist attack. Whilst these are terrible events, the amounts spent on preventing them is disproportionate compared to the risk they pose to us. We need to confront irrationality with the facts of what an evidence-informed decision would look like.
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Featured Review

Effects of certification schemes for agricultural production on socio-economic outcomes in low- and middle-income countries: 
A Systematic Review by Carlos Oya, Florian Schaefer, Dafni Skalidou, Catherine McCosker, Laurenz Langer

This systematic review addresses the extent to which, and under what conditions, CS for agricultural products result in higher levels of socio-economic wellbeing for agricultural producers and workers in low- and middle-income countries (L&MICs).

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