The Campbell Collaboration seeks a major funding partner

The Campbell Collaboration is searching for a funding partner to take over from the Norwegian Institute for Public Health (NIPH). NIPH has been key to the success and stability of Campbell since 2008, but the contract for this support is nearing conclusion.

Becoming a major donor is an opportunity for a funding organisation or individual to ensure the continuity and growth of Campbell as a well-respected and increasingly influential research non-profit. Outreach, citations, partnerships with civil and governmental organisations, and production are at a historical high. The Campbell brand is associated with best-in-class evidence synthesis. It has been described as "a brilliant organisation" producing "fantastic resources".

Campbell began as an exploration by Iain Chalmers, one of the founders of Cochrane, into the feasibility of a group that would synthesise evidence in social service domains. He suggested that this new group be named after the American sociologist, Donald T. Campbell.

Chalmers writes, "Over the past two decades the Cochrane Collaboration has synthesized and disseminated research evidence relevant to improving the lives of people around the world through health care. The Campbell Collaboration is working to achieve a comparable impact through education, social welfare and other areas of public policy. Support for both collaborations is important, but it is especially so for Campbell in an era of fake news and the unscrupulous promotion of ‘alternative facts’".

Today, Campbell has a growing international network of editorial teams working on evidence syntheses - principally systematic reviews and evidence and gap maps - in fields including Crime and Justice, Education, Social Welfare, International Development, Disability and Business and Management, with other editorial teams in development.

The number of new publications being registered has started to grow rapidly.

For details about the opportunity to become a major funding partner, please contact Howard White, CEO, at [email protected].

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