Four Campbell methods grants awarded

The Campbell Collaboration is pleased to announce that four grants have been awarded as part of its programme supporting innovative methods development. This Campbell funding programme has been made possible by the generous support of the American Institutes for Research (AIR).

The following projects received Campbell methods grants in 2017:

1. Lead PI: Joshua Polanin
Grant holding institution: Development Services Group Inc.
Title: Verifying the Accuracy of Statistical Significance Testing in Campbell Collaboration Systematic Reviews Through the Use of the R Package statcheck

2. Lead PI: Soyeon Ahn
Grant holding institution: University of Miami
Title: A new approach for handling missing correlation values for meta-analytic structutral equation modeling

3. Lead PI: Georgia Salanti
Grant holding institution: University of Bern
Title: CINeMA: A web application to evaluate de confidence in network Meta-analysis results

4. Lead PI: Heid Nøkleby
Grant holding institution: Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Title:TRANSFER framework - a method for assessing transferability of systematic review findings

All the papers produced in this programme will be published as part of the Campbell Library Methods Series. Find out more about the new Campbell Methods Series.

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