A National Campbell Centre for the UK and lreland

The Campbell Collaboration is delighted to announce the creation of a national centre for the UK and lreland.

Hosted by the Centre for Evidence and Social lnnovation at Queen's University Belfast, the national centre will provide a focal point and hub for supporting the production of Campbell Reviews and promoting their use in the UK and lreland. 


The National Campbell Centre for the UK and lreland will seek to improve the effectiveness of public and private services nationally and internationally by supporting the production and use of Campbell Systematic Reviews of research evidence related to education, crime and justice, social welfare and international development. 


The National Campbell Centre will achieve this vision by:

  • Providing a national research hub for connecting researchers undertaking systematic reviews in the social sciences across the UK and lreland.

  • Developing strategic relationships with other organisations in the UK and lreland committed to supporting the production of systematic reviews and promoting their importance.

  • Facilitating the provision of high quality training and support for those i.mdertaking systematic reviews.

  • Working with Universities across the UK and lreland to promote hig)ler quality methodological training in undertaking systematic reviews and meta-analysis.

  • Organising seminars, conferences and other events across the UK and lreland, in collaboration with a range of partners, that seek to promote the work of the Campbell Collaboration and particularly the findings of Campbell reviews and their better take up and use by policy makers, commissioners of public services and practitioners and service providers.

  • Engaging with governments, policy makers and professional organisations in lreland and the devolved administrations across the UK to promote the better use of systematic reviews.

  • Engaging with a range of external funding organisations regionally and nationally to increase the resources ava ilable to support the production and dissemination of Campbell systematic reviews.


Next Steps

Over the next few months, and with initial investment from Queen's University Belfast, the National Campbell Centre will be advertising and recruiting to a small number of key positions to be based within the Centre for Evidence and Social lnnovation at Queen's. An agreement between the Campbell Collaboration and Queen's will also be drawn up and signed to forma lise the Centre's role.

In due course a dedicated website for the National Campbell Centre will be launched. In the meantime, please check out the website of the Centre for Evidence and Social lnnovation for updates on the new National Centre: www.qub.ac.uk/cesi.

Get lnvolved

The National Campbell Centre is looking for partners in the fields of research, policy and practice across the regions of the UK and lreland. lf you would like to learn more and/or discuss potential opportunities for involvement and collaboration we would love to hear from you. Please contact:

Professor Paul Connolly (Director, National Centre) 

telephone: (028) 9097 3991

Dr Sarah Miller (Deputy Director, National Centre)

telephone: (028) 9097 5944




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