Colloquium 2013

The 13th Annual Campbell Colloquium, held May 21-23 in Chicago, brought together over 200 researchers, policymakers and practitioners to debate the importance of systematic reviews in evidence-based policy and practice. The Colloquium included two days of systematic review training, a key note on using a broader range of evidence in systematic reviews by Howard White, executive director of 3ie and co-chair of the IDCG, and three international development panels discussing recent systematic review evidence on conditional and unconditional cash transfers, self-help groups, nutrition and deworming programmes, and agricultural interventions.


Introduction to Campbell Systematic Review Methods is comprised of five separate workshops that will provide participants with an introduction to Campbell systematic review methods. The workshops include, Problem Formulation, Literature Searching, Coding, Calculating Effect Size, and Introduction to Meta-analysis. These introductory level workshops are appropriate for audiences with minimal or no experience in systematic reviewing, or for those who simply need a refresher course.

The Applied Topics in Campbell Systematic Review Methods series is comprised of five training workshops that include,Moderator Analysis, Using a Broader Range of Evidence, Measuring Study Quality, Graphical Displays, and Interpreting Practical Significance. These workshops are appropriate for audiences with a basic understanding of systematic review methods, as well as more advanced participants.
A series of videos from the workshops are now available online on the Campbell website:

 Presentations from the IDCG panellists are available to download below.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Colloquium and helped contribute to its overall success! We look forward to seeing everyone again next spring in Belfast!

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