Colloquium 2008

Campbell's Eighth Annual Colloquium entitled "Speaking Truth to Power: Evidence for Decisions in Education, Social Welfare, and Criminal Justice" took place in Vancouver, Canada, on 12-14 May.

270 researchers, practitioners and policy makers from around the world attended the event. This unusual blend of professionals is a feature of Campbell Colloquiums, which promote dialogue between the worlds of research, practice and policy. The event was hosted by the Canadian Council on Learning.

The symposium sessions and the 50 papers presented spanned Campbell's three thematic fields - social welfare, justice, and education. A number of well-attended training sessions focused mainly on the methodology of systematic reviews. The plenary sessions included compelling insights into aspects of Canadian society.

Jerry Lee Lecture
A highlight was Mark Lipsey's Jerry Lee Lecture. His analysis of juvenile justice clearly showed that evidence-informed policy choices are more effective at preventing repeat offenses.

During the Colloquium, the Mosteller Award was presented to Dr. Ingram Olkin for his distinctive contribution to research synthesis. Campbell also inaugurated a new award, the Robert Boruch Award for Research on Evidence-Based Public Policy; Dr. Boruch himself was the first laureate. Honorary awards were presented to Dorothy De Moya, the first CEO, and Haluk Soydan, the first co-chair together with Bob Boruch, for their outstanding contributions to the organization.


The Colloquium programme

The Plenaries

Speaking Truth to Power: Evidence for Decision-Making in Criminal Justice - The Case of British Columbia's Marijuana Grow-Ops
Darryl Plecas - RCMP University Research Chair in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of the Fraser Valley

Speaking Truth to Power: Evidence for Decision-Making in Education

Ben Levin - Professor and Canada Research Chair in the Department of Theory and Policy Studies at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto

Speaking Truth to Power: Evidence for Decision-Making in Social Welfare
Jean-Pierre Voyer - Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation

Speaking Truth to Power: Evidence for Decisions in Education in Switzerland
Stefan Wolter - Managing Director of the Swiss Coordination Centre for Research in Education

Insight on Insite (North America's first legal supervised injection site) - Research in Context for Vancouver's Downtown East Side
Sarah Evans - Acting Manager, HIV-AIDS and Harm Reduction Programs, Vancouver Community

Jerry Lee Lecture

Evidence for evidence-based practice: Research and reality in juvenile justice
Mark Lipsey - Director of the Center for Evaluation Research and Methodology, and a Senior Research Associate, at the Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy Studies


Symposium on C2 and Partnering Organizations
Merete Konnerup - Nordic Campbell Centre; David Gough - EPPI-Centre; Alan Pearson - Joanna Briggs Institute; Aron Shlonsky - University of Toronto

Training Sessions

An Introduction to Systematic Reviews
Jeff Valentine - University of Louisville

Effect Size Calculations / (Introduction)
Robert Bernard and Philip Abrami - Concordia University

Modeling I: Fixed Effects and Homogeneity Estimation
Jeff Valentine - University of Louisville

Effect Size Calculations / (Advanced)
Meng-Jia Wu - Loyola University Chicago

Writing User Abstracts for Campbell Reviews
Merete Konnerup and Arild Bjorndal - Nordic Campbell Centre

Modeling II: Radom and Mixed Effects
Betsy Becker


Developing evidence-based practice guidelines for integrated social and health care
Nick Gould - University of Bath

Evidence For Policy In Scotland: The Case For More Reviews
Diana Wilkinson - Scottish Government

From Research to Decision Making: A Knowledge Transfer Experience in Education

Pierre Chenard - Université de Montréal; Pierre Doray and Amélie Groleau - Université du Québec à Montréal; Geneviève Gourde - Université du Québec

Implications of WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health for Campbell and Cochrane Systematic Reviews
Peter Tugwell - University of Ottawa; Mike Kelly - National Institutes for Health and Clinical Excellence, UK; Vivian Robinson - University of Ottawa; Josiane Bonnefoy - Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile; Mark Petticrew - National Institutes for Health and Clinical Excellence, UK; Elizabeth Kristjansson- University of Ottawa; Erin Morris - University of Ottawa
Marion Doull - University of Ottawa; Emma Stewart- National Institutes for Health and Clinical Excellence

Sustainable Programs: In Search of the Elusive

Ronnie Detrich, Randy Keyworth and Jack States - The Wing Institute

Evidence-based Educational Policy: Integrating Realistic and Responsive Evaluation
Dirk Hillebrandt - University of Kiel

Knowledge mobilization and community-based research
Annie Kidder, Gay Stephenson, Kathryn Blackett and Michelle Goldberg - People for Education

Decision making in local governments and the use of systematic reviews
Sten Anttila and Mads Hog - Socialstyrelsen

Evidence, Involvement and Accountability: Exploring service user participation in the systematic review
Sarah Carr and Esther Coren - Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

NCDDR Model: Developing Evidence-Based Resources within the Disability Research Community

Joann Starks and John D. Westbrook - SEDL/Disability Research to Practice

Scottish Government and UK Economic and Social Research Council Collaboration
Gill Clark - The Scottish Government

A Researcher-Stakeholder Partnership for a Systematic Review
Denise Thomson - University of Alberta

The Impact of a Systematic Review: What's a Reasonable Expectation?
Robert C. Mullen - American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Crime and Justice

Evidence based policy into practice: evidence of effective interventions presented to a local crime
John Middleton - Sandwell Primary Care Trust

Effects of Beverage Alcohol Price and Tax Levels on Drinking: A Meta-Analysis
Alexander C. Wagenaar and Kelli A. Komro - University of Florida

A Rapid Evidence Assessment: Persistent and Prolific Offenders

Amanda Perry - University of York; Mark Newman - EPPI-Centre, University of London

The economic case for and against prison: a review of effectiveness evidence and economic analysis
Kevin Marsh - The Matrix Knowledge Group Epworth House

A systematic review of selected interventions to reduce juvenile re-offending
Mark Newman - EPPI-Centre, University of London; Amanda E. Perry - University of York; Carol Vigurs - EPPI-Centre; University of London; Glyn Hallam - University of York; Elizabeth P.V. Schertler - University of York; Mathew Johnson - University of York

The Enhanced Nurse Family Partnership Program: Improving Best Practices through Rigorously Tested Incremental Experimental Interventions
Lynette Feder - Portland State University; Phyllis Niolon - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Dan Whitaker - Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing; Sarah Chivers - Portland State University; Angela Banks - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

What works for young offenders and how do we communicate the results?
Kerstin Söderholm Carpelan - National Board of Health and Welfare, Sweden; Marie Nyström - National Board of Health and Welfare, Sweden; Lars Brännström - National Board of Health and Welfare, Sweden; Anna-Karin Andershed - University of Örebro


Meta-Analysis of Verbal Redundancy
Olusola O. Adesope and John C. Nesbit - Simon Fraser University

Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) Task and Reading: A Meta-Analysis
Eugene Borokhovski, Robert M. Bernard, Norman Segalowitz and Anna Sokolovskaya - Concordia University

Early Years Instructional Program Evaluation
Claude Lauzon - Robert Coughlin

The international CEECD Encyclopaedia on Early Childhood Development
Claire Gascon Giard - Université de Montréal; Richard Tremblay - Université de Montréal; Ray de V Peters - Queen's University; Michel Boivin - Laval University

Reviews on Supporting Literacy Development in Young Children
Gina Harrison - University of Victoria; Monique Sénéchal - Carleton University

Reviews of Language Difficulties in Special Populations
Esther Geva, University of Toronto; François Bergeron - Laval University; Zohreh Yaghoub Zadeh - Canadian Council on Learning

Best Practices for Fostering English Literacy

Olusola O. Adesope, Tracy Lavin and Terri Thompson - Canadian Council on Learning

''Student Success'': Creating a diverse and equally balanced curriculum
Lauren Segedin - University of Oxford

Career Education, Financial Incentives and Access to Post-Secondary Education
Reuben Ford - Social Research and Demonstration Corporation

NICE: Improving Education for the Care of the Elderly
Anthony Lombardo and Lynn McDonald - University of Toronto

Organizing methods for Higher Education funding policy
Iain Snee - University of British Columbia

The Challenges of Assessing Inclusive Post-secondary Education
Judith Mosoff - The University of British Columbia; Joe Greenholtz - The University of British Columbia; Tamara Hurtado - The University of British Columbia

Systematic Review of Research on Secondary Inclusive Education
Morgen Alwell - Appalachian State University; Brian Cobb - Colorado State University

Social Skills Training for Learning Disabled School-aged Children
Jamie B. Schwartz, Lucy Funderburk and Chad Nye - University of Central Florida

Argumentation in Education: A Comprehensive Review
John C. Nesbit - Simon Fraser University; Hui Niu - Canadian Council on Learning; Liujing Mao - Simon Fraser University

Instructional Interventions Affecting Critical Thinking Skills and Dispositions: A Stage One Meta-Analysis
Philip C. Abrami , Robert M. Bernard, Evgueni Borokhovski, Anne C. Wade, Michael A. Surkes, Rana Tamim and Dai Zhang - Concordia University

Comparing Distance Education Instructional Treatments: A Meta-Analysis of DE vs. DE Studies
Robert M. Bernard, Philip C. Abrami, Evgueni Borokhovski, Anne C. Wade, Michael A. Surkes and Edward C. Bethel - Concordia University

Ubiquitous Computing in K-12 Classrooms: A Systematic Review
Edward C. Bethel, Robert M. Bernard, Philip C. Abrami and Anne C. Wade - Concordia University

Risk Factors of Reading Comprehension Difficulties: Three Meta Analyses
Zohreh Zaghoub Zadeh - Canadian Council on Learning; Eric Chan - Canadian Council on Learning; Fataneh Farnia - Hincks-Dellcrest Centre/Institute

The use of research-based information in large-scale governmental initiatives in education
Michel Janosz, Jonathan Lévesque, Christian Dagenais, Frederic Nault-Brière, Alexandre Chabot, and Nathalie Awad - Université de Montréal; Jean L Belanger - Université du Québec à Montréal; Philip C. Abrami, Robert Bernard and Larysa Lysenco - Concordia University


Using mixed methods reviews to integrate qualitative research and trials
Angela Harden - EPPI-Centre, University of London

The use of meta-analysis for research synthesis in sociology
Bernd Weiss - University of Cologne

Where does economics fit in? Incorporating economics perspectives and evidence into Campbell Reviews

Ian Shemilt and Miranda Mugford - University of East Anglia

Reviewing systematic reviews: Detecting minimum effect size for WWC computer-based interventions

Andrei Streke and Tsze Chan - American Institutes for Research

How many studies, of what quality are enough to decide what works?
Mark Newman - EPPI-Centre, University of London

RCTs for policy interventions?: A review of reviews and meta-regression
James Thomas and Sandy Oliver - EPPI-Centre, University of London

N = 1 Experiments: Their Role in Evidence-based Practice
Bruce Thyer - College of Social Work Florida State University

Systematic Reviews and Information Retrieval: Planning and Implementing a Database Search
Anne Wade - Concordia University

Complexities in Meta-analysis
Betsy Becker, Ariel M. Aloe, Ingram Olkin, Ying Zhang, Haiyan Wu and Rae-Seon Kim - Florida State University; Soyeon Ahn - Michigan State University

Breadth of review questions: theoretical and practical considerations
David Gough and Mark Newman, EPPI-Centre

Finding Grey Literature: Issues, Challenges and Knowledge-Exchange
Will Durland and Terri Thompson - Canadian Council on Learning; Dean Giustini - University of British Columbia

Effect Size Invariance Across Measures: SMD and Correlation Effect Sizes
William R. (Bill) Nugent - The University of Tennessee Knoxville

Be Specific! How Item Specificity can Influence Self-Reported Levels of Political Interest

Betsy Becker and Ray Block - Florida State University

Methods for synthesizing regression results

Therese Pigott, Meng-Jia Wu and Ryan Williams - Loyola University Chicago

A level playing field: how to adjust cost estimates from multiple studies to a common currency and …
Ian Shemilt - University of East Anglia; Kevin Marsh - Matrix; David McDaid - London School of Economics

Developing a protocol for qualitative meta-synthesis within Campbell Systematic Reviews: Expanding…

Michael Saini - University of Toronto; Aron Shlonsky - University of Toronto EPPI-Reviewer Clinic David Gough - EPPI-Centre - University of London

Calculating Effect Size Estimates for Single-Subject Experimental Designs
Oliver Wendt - Purdue University; S. Natasha Beretvas, The University of Texas at Austin; Ralf W. Schlosser - Northeastern University

Communities that Care - Disseminating Evidence-Based Practice
Rob Smith and Christine Buttkus - BC Government

Economics Methods Clinics
Ian Shemilt and Kevin Marsh - University of East Anglia

Using Web-based Systematic Reviews for More Effective Clinical Research
Peter O'Blenis - TrialStat Corporation

Social Welfare

Current evidence base for Treatment Foster Care programs
William Turner - University of Bristol; Geraldine Macdonald - Queen's University Belfast

Effects of interventions for substantiated child abuse and neglect- a survey of systematic reviews
Carina Gustafsson, Johan Glad, and Edith Orem - National Board of Health and Welfare, Sweden

Welfare-to-Work Programs in America, 1980 to 2005: Meta-Analytic Evidence of the Importance of Job and Child Care Availability
Kevin M. Gorey - University of Windsor

Developing the process of systematic mapping of the social welfare literature

Janet Clapton and Deborah Rutter - Social Care Institute for Excellence Chair - Isabelle Eaton - Canadian Council on Learning

Implications of the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health for systematic reviews
Vivian Robinson, Peter Tugwell, Mark Petticrew, Marion Doull and Erin Morris - University of Ottawa; Mike Kelly and Emma Stewart - National Institutes for Health and Clinical Excellence, UK; Josiane Bonnefoy - Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile

What works, what matters and what counts: preliminary work on cost effectiveness in social care with children
Madeleine Stevens and Helen Roberts - University of London; Alan Shiell - University of Calgary

The Cochrance Public Health Review - New opportunities for collaboration
Jodie Doyle - Cochrane PH Review Group; Laurie Anderson - University of Washington; Elizabeth Waters - The University of Melbourne; Julia Littell - Bryn Mawr College

Experience trumps knowledge
Ron Hansen - The University of Western Ontario

Recovery education in mental health: the hard work!
Kathryn Storey - The University of Western Ontario

Meaning of Aboriginal Epistemology in Education
Marjorie Dressyman-Lavallee and Wilda Swampy - University of Alberta

Staff training as a tool to improve the quality of elder care: A workshop
Britt Marie Hellner, Gunilla Fahlström, Elizabeth Åhsberg and Katrin Östman - Socialstyrelsen

Poster Session

Best Practices in Science and Mathematics: Kindergarten through Grade Three
Tracy Cassels, Eric Chan, Will Durland and Terri Thompson - Canadian Council on Learning

Developing a Review with Service Users
Kristin Liabo - Social Science Research Unit of the Institute of Education at the University of London

Developing Systematic Mapping of the Social Welfare Literature: Information acquisition and management
Janet Clapton - Social Care Institute for Excellence

Parental involvement in communication intervention for preschool-children with hearing loss: A systematic review
Vivian Gies, York Regional District School Board York; Rita Vis Dube, Santiago Luna, Janette Yuen, and Jan Lobban-Shymko, University of Toronto

Progression through the Police Service: Barriers and Facilitators for Women and Ethnic Minorities - A rapid evidence assessment
Sonia Cunningham - National Policing Improvement Agency

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