Colloquium 2007

The Seventh Annual Campbell Collaboration Colloquium entitled "Quality, Credibility and Utility: the Relevance of Systematic Reviews" welcomed participants from a variety of professions around the globe. A new "Policy Forum" introduced researchers to the perspectives of policymakers. Senior government officials in the UK described their information needs to the research community. This opened networking opportunities for policy makers, practitioners, and researchers to explore similar goals.
The Colloquium's distinguished keynote speakers aligned the worlds of policy making and academic research discussions. These presentations highlighed for researchers the different types of evidence currently used to support policy making.
Researchers and academics from various backgrounds stimulated discussions about moving research evidence into the policy and practice arena. Later presentations on communication illustrated techniques for mobilizing the “best available evidence” to be accessible to stakeholders and policymakers.
Collection of Presentations
Making High Quality Research Accessible To Policy Makers And Social Care Practitioners 

Mark Petticrew


Using narrative synthesis guidance in systematic reviews
Jennie Popay


UK Educational Evidence Portal
Andrew Morris


Systematic Reviews and Information Retrieval: A Practical Workshop
Anne Wade and Alan Gomersall


Estimating Overall Effect Size: Does the Between-Studies Variance Estimator have an Effect?
Fulgencio Marín Martínez and Julio Sánchez Meca


Credibility in Data Management and Meta-synthesis of Qualitative Research
Craig Lockwood


Research Without Borders - Maximizing the Impact of University Research
David Phipps


The Basics of Effect Size Extraction and Calculation
Robert M. Bernard


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