Colloquia 2000-2006

2006: Producing Systematic Reviews of Evidence: Debates, Standards, and Examples. Los Angeles, USA, February 22-24.
Hosted by the University of Southern California's School of Social Work, the Colloquium focused on methodological research and developments of the Collaboration and its partner organizations. Campbell systematic reviews were presented to illustrate high-quality evidence on the effects of interventions in the areas of crime and justice, education, and social welfare. Further presentations demonstrated how systematic reviews may be used in policy and program settings.
2005: Supply and Demand for Evidence: Systematic Reviews and their Use. Lisbon, Portugal, February 23-25.
The Colloquium in Lisbon brought together policymakers, researchers, and consumers interested in evidence for interventions that work. The Campbell Collaboration presented reviews generated by similar organizations providing better evidence for decision-making. People from more than 20 countries participated in earlier colloquia in Philadelphia, Stockholm, and Washington, DC.
2004: A First Look at the Evidence. Washington D.C., USA, February 18-20.
The Colloquium generated discussion between policy makers and researchers interested in using better evidence of what works. The presentations delivered systematic reviews of high-quality evidence on the effects of interventions in crime and justice, social welfare, and education, and the components necessary to generate such reviews.
2003: Developing Systematic Reviews Across Countries. Stockholm, Sweden, February 27-28.
The main focus was the international and global character of the Collaboration. Language differences, cultural diversity, the huge production of scientific products and other factors necessitate systematic and organized international collaboration for better quality control, systematization and the use of scientific knowledge for better decision-making and professional practice.
2002: Joining Disciplines to Improve Public Policy: The Role of Research and Systematic Reviews. Philadelphia, USA, February 21-22.
Hosted by the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, PA USA. Plenary sessions addressed topics such as truancy and how policy makers use evidence gleamed from different disciplines Over 200 people attended the colloquium representing 14 countries, 55 universities, 23 government agencies, 20 research entities, and five foundations.
2001: How to do a Campbell Systematic Review. Philadelphia, USA, February 22-23.
Held at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, PA USA with funding support from Swedish Social Science Research Council. A primary goal was learning how to better initiate and engage in systematic reviews. The agenda consisted of reports of systematic reviews in progress, sessions on how to do a systematic review, and discussion on the methodological issues in conducting reviews. Another goal was to understand and cater for the interests of users of systematic reviews. Participants from 14 countries represented government, social agencies, universities, research organizations, foundations, non-profit, and private, for profit organizations, as well as producers, disseminators, and users of research synthesis.
2000: Inaugural Meeting. Philadelphia, USA, Feb 24-25.
The Inaugural working meeting for the Campbell Collaboration was held at the University of Pennsylvania, with sponsorship from the Graduate School of Education and the School of Social Work. The meeting reported on the development of the Collaboration, discussed contributors' interests, and created Review Groups and Methods Groups. Eighty-five participants attended from thirteen countries.

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