Jerry Lee Lecture Series

The Jerry Lee lecture is a highlight of each Annual Colloquium. Distinguished experts in the field of systematic reviews are invited to address a topic of major importance.

The lecture is named in honour of Jerry Lee and we gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship of the Jerry Lee Center of Criminology at the University of Pennsylvania.

The following is a list of Jerry Lee lecturers and topics:

  • 2010: David Weisburd, Location, Location, Location.
  • 2009: Jonathan Shepherd, Public health contributions to violence prevention.
  • 2008: Mark Lipsey, Evidence for evidence-based practice: Research and reality in juvenile justice.
  • 2007: Colleen Flood, Getting Out of the Ivory Tower and Into Practice.
  • 2006: David Olds, Prevention Research Center for Family and Child Health.
  • 2005: Barry McGaw, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
  • 2004: Philip Davies, Evidence based policy: a perspective from the UK Cabinet Office.
  • 2003: Ian Chalmers, Campbell and Cochrane: The need for Generosity of Spirit and Mutual Support.
  • 2002: Thomas Cook, Three Traditions of Educational Outcome Evaluation and their Implications for the Campbell Collaboration.
  • 2001: John Diluio, Measuring What Works in Delivering Government Services; Faith-Based or Not.

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