10-12 June 2019 - Stockholm Criminology Symposium

Members of the Campbell Crime and Justice Coordinating Group (CJCG) will attend the Stockholm Criminology Symposium, which takes place from 10 to 12 June 2019.

The CJCG will be leading a panel entitled 'Campbell Collaboration systematic reviews on radicalization to violence' on Tuesday morning. The panel will be chaired by CJCG Editor Angela Higginson.


  • Prevention and countering radicalization to violence through the Campbell Collaboration crime and justice group systematic reviews funded by Public Safety Canada and Department of Homeland Security
    Izabela Zych (University of Córdoba, Spain)
  • Effectiveness of digital literacy and critical thinking interventions as protective factors for radicalization to violence: A systematic review
    Izabela Zych (University of Córdoba, Spain)
  • Police programs that seek to increase community connectedness for reducing violent extremism behaviour, attitudes, and beliefs: A systematic review
    Angela Higginson (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
  • Effectiveness of multiagency interventions with police as a partner for preventing radicalisation to violence: A systematic review
    Lorraine Mazerolle (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

For details of the symposium programme and to see the abstracts of the presentations listed above, click here.

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