Systematic Reviews and Evidence/Gap Maps in Social Sciences, 12-13 February 2018, Beirut, Lebanon

Venue: College Hall Auditorium B1 at AUB, Beirut, Lebanon.

This workshop will be hosted by the Global Evidence Synthesis initiative (GESI) Secretariat in collaboration with the Centre for Systematic Review in Health Policy and System Research (SPARK). It will include introductory concepts related to systematic reviews including the role and purpose of different types of systematic reviews, assessment of the quality of studies, and the management of bias in social sciences. It will also include a session on conducting Evidence and Gap Map (EGM). In addition, participants will be introduced to the process of registering titles for reviews and EGMs with the Campbell Collaboration, and work in groups to produce titles for registration.

Course outline: The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to systematic review methodology and Evidence and Gap Map (EGM) in social sciences. The course will use a combination of lectures, group work and practical sessions to introduce the following topics:

  • Introduction to systematic reviews: Overview lecture that introduces key concepts and examples
    • Developing the review question
    • Literature searching:
    • Study selection/data extraction
    • Quality assessment & critical appraisal of primary studies
  • Introduction to meta-analysis: Overview lecture that introduces key concepts and examples
  • Reporting standards and guidelines for systematic reviews
  • Introduction to Evidence and Gap Map: Overview lecture that introduces key concepts and examples
  • How to develop a Campbell Title Registration Form (TRF) for a systematic review and EGM

 In preparation to the workshop, participants are encouraged to:

Instructors: Jeremy Grimshaw (President of the Board, Campbell Collaboration), Ashrita Saran (Evidence Synthesis Specialist, Campbell Collaboration), Elie AKL (Co-director of the Center for Systematic Reviews in Health Policy and Systems Research (SPARK), American University of Beirut)

Registration fee for the workshop is 150$ (a discounted registration fee of 100$ will be charged for individuals with a valid AUB ID)

Please register on by January 26th

Day 1: Monday, 12 February 

08:30–09:00        Registration and choice of topic for group work                

09:00–09:15        Welcome and introductions

09:15–09:45        Why systematic reviews are important 

09:45–10:30        Introduction to Evidence and Gap Maps (EGMs)              

10:30–10:45        Coffee break

10:45–11:45        Formulating Research Question for systematic reviews and EGMs: the PICOS

11:45–12:30        Systematic review: using media to inform health policy making

12:30–13:00        Lunch break

13:30–14:30        Search strategies for systematic reviews and EGMs

14:30–14:45        Coffee break

14:45–15:15        Screening studies and data extraction

15:15-15:45         Critical appraisal

15:45–16:00        End of day quiz

Day 2: Tuesday, 13 February

09:00-09:30         Introduction to effect size and forest plots and its place in evidence based research

09:30-10:00         Calculating effect sizes

10:00–10:30        Producing a forest plot in RevMan

10:30–10:45        Coffee break

10:45–11:15        Presentation of a meta-analysis

11:15–12:00        Hands-on exercise:  Completing the TRF for a review and/or an EGM

12:00–13:00        Completing the TRF for a review and/or an EGM

13:00–13:30        Lunch break

13:30–14:30        Work on TRF

14:30–15:00        Presentations by the groups

15:00–15:15        Coffee break

15:15–15:30        Presentations by the groups

15:30–15:45        End of course quiz and course evaluation

15:45–16:00        Award of certificates

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