Governing better through evidence-informed policy making

Feeding high-quality evidence into policy making remains difficult, but is essential for improving public interventions. Governing better through evidence-informed policy making requires building capacity for the effective use and demand of evidence at all levels of government. 

Draft Agenda

  • Feeding evidence into political decision-making
  • Using evidence in practice: engaging with decision makers
  • International co-operation on evidence-informed policy making
  • Case studies in key policy areas such as early childhood intervention, access to justice, well-being, and risk and crisis management
  • The realities of providing scientific advice
  • Assessing the impact of evidence on policy and practice
  • Key elements for evidence-informed policy making:  
    -  Guideline and standards for evidence
    -  Diffusing innovations and experimentation
    -  Skills for policy-makers and scientists
    -  Using behavioural insights to inform policy and practice

Participation is open to all interested in public sector reform and bringing evidence and science to bear on decision making.

Participants are invited to discuss the challenges they face in connecting evidence to policy, to share expertise and best-practices and to collaborate in promoting a culture of evidence-informed policy making.


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