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    Lisa de la Rue, author of a Campbell systematic review examining the effectiveness of programs implemented in schools to prevent or reduce incidents of dating violence among adolescents, writes in a new blog that although knowledge and attitude change are important precursors to addressing sexual violence, it is likely this is not sufficient to lead to changes in actual behaviors. A culture shift requires strong institutional enforcement of holding perpetrators accountable, regardless of their power and position in society.

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    Effects of sentencing policy on re-offending
    Campbell's fourth Policy Brief summarizes evidence from 12 systematic reviews in the Campbell Library which examine nearly 400 studies about sentencing in the criminal justice system. Overall, the evidence shows that recidivism by offenders given non-custodial sentences is no higher, if not lower, than those given custodial sentences.

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  • John Westbrook Memorial Fund

    Support Knowledge Translation and Implementation
    John Westbrook was a leading disability researcher who was active in promoting the use of evidence. His bequest to the Campbell Collaboration to support our work in the area of knowledge translation has been used to create the John Westbrook Memorial Fund.This fund will support the John Westbrook Prize which is awarded annually in recognition of outstanding contributions to knowledge translation (KT), and the dissemination and implementation of evidence.

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  • Global Evidence and Implementation Summit 2018

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    The Global Evidence and Implementation Summit 2018 is for funding agencies, policy makers, practitioners, knowledge brokers, implementation scientists and researchers committed to the generation and implementation of evidence for better policy and practice. Join us in creating impact for stronger communities worldwide: 22-24 October, Melbourne.

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Featured Review

Interventions to Improve the Labour Market Outcomes of Youth: A Systematic Review of Training, Entrepreneurship Promotion, Employment Services and Subsidized Employment Interventions by Jochen Kluve, Susana Puerto, David Robalino, Jose Manuel Romero, Friederike Rother, Jonathan Stöterau, Felix Weidenkaff, and Marc Witte.

The youth of today represent a vast potential for inclusive growth and development. If youth are given the opportunity to build appropriate skills and access decent employment, they can help to accelerate progress on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and engage in meaningful work that benefits them, their families and society as a whole.

Unfortunately, decent jobs are not a feasible prospect for all young women and men. Today, over 73 million young people are unemployed worldwide. Youth unemployment stands at a much higher level than the average unemployment rate for adults, in some cases over three times as high. Moreover, two out of five young people in the labour force are either working but poor or unemployed. The youth employment challenge is therefore not only about job creation, but also – and especially – about enhancing the quality of jobs for youth.

Youth’s gloomy prospects in the labour market embody a massive waste of potential and a threat to social cohesion. Understanding what works to improve their labour market outcomes is therefore of paramount importance and a development priority for all countries and regions.

What is this review about?

This systematic review assesses the impact of youth employment interventions on the labour market outcomes of young people. The included interventions are training and skills development, entrepreneurship promotion, employment services and subsidized employment. Outcomes of interest include employment, earnings and business performance outcomes.

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