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Policy brief 4: The effects of sentencing policy on re-offending

Additional Info

  • Authors: Howard White
  • Published date: 2017-11-14
  • Coordinating group(s): Crime and Justice
  • Type of document: Policy brief
  • Title: Policy brief 4: The effects of sentencing policy on re-offending
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This Campbell policy brief (click on the download/open icons above) summarises evidence from 12 systematic reviews in the Campbell Library which examine sentencing policies and their effects on re-offending. Custodial sentences do not reduce recidivism by any more than non-custodial approaches, which are cheaper and have fewer consequences for offenders’ families. Diverting offenders before they enter the system is likely to produce less offending. Harsh prison regimes such as boot camps are not effective. Evidence also shows that programmes focused on specific issues such as drug use and sex offenders reduce recidivism.

To access the 12 included systematic reviews in full, click on the links below:

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