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Who are we?

The Campbell Collaboration is a voluntary, non-profit, international research network. We produce and disseminate systematic reviews of the effects of in-terventions in the social and behavioural sciences.

Our mission

Our mission is to enhance the evidence basis so that policymakers, practitioners, and service recipients are better equipped to make informed decisions. This can improve people’s lives, by improving the quality of public and private services. Campbell has a small International Secretariat located in Oslo, Norway, which is hosted by the Knowledge Centre at the National Institute of Public Health.

Our research areas

We summarize research in several inter-linked research fields: crime and justice, education, international development, social welfare, knowledge transfer and methods.

What is a systematic review?

A systematic review is a key step towards finding what works. It uses transparent and explicitly defined procedures to find, evaluate and synthesize the results of relevant research. The process is designed to minimize bias and to give as accurate as possible an indication of the effect of an intervention or program.

Campbell Systematic Reviews

Campbell Systematic Reviews follow rigorous guidelines and are subject to intensive editorial scrutiny before publication. Campbell reviews:

  • Must include a systematic search for both published and unpublished reports.
  • Require that a protocol (project plan) for the review is approved and published in advance.
  • Are usually international in scope.
  • Require a minimum of two researchers, working independently, to determine matters such as study inclusion and coding.

Open Access

Approved reviews are published in Campbell Systematic Reviews, our open access, online monograph series.

Our Annual Colloquium/Training

The Campbell Colloquium provides a meeting place open to anyone interested in evidence based social policy. Building competence in research synthesis methodology is a key to increasing capacity for systematic reviews. This year we are conducting our colloquium as pre-summit workshops for the What Works Global Summit 2016. In additional to the training sessions being held in London at WWGS 2016, we have run stand-alone workshops in countries as diverse as Mexico, Egypt, Bangladesh and South Africa.

Prominent Campbell Reviews

Our most influential reviews concern topics such as:

  • “Scared Straight” programs
  • Kinship Care
  • School-based programs to prevent bullying
  • Prevention of Early School Leaving
  • Conditional Cash Transfers in Education
  • Parenting programs
  • Welfare-to-work programs
  • Mindfulness

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