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How to conduct meta-analysis? Documents

This course appeals to all those who are interested in conducting meta-analysis, and addresses both new beginners and those with more experience in meta-analysis. Course holders are Professor Therese Pigott (Loyola University, Chicago) and Professor Arild Bjørndal, University of Oslo.
  • Where: Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services, Oslo
  • When: May 9-10,2011;  09.00-15.00
  • Language: English
  • Cost: Participation in the workshop is free of charge. Participants must cover their own travel and accommodation costs.
  • Note: There is a limited nr of places!
The workshop is aimed at researchers who are …
  • interested in learning about the purpose and rationale of systematic reviews, effect measurement and quantitative social research
  • interested in undertaking a systematic review
  • completing a Campbell-style systematic review
The training focuses on both lecture and small group work, including a trial literature search and a meta-analysis. Individuals will have the opportunity to work with the details of their own review question.
Experienced trainers will be available to give practical and individual advice.

: Therese Pigott (Loyola University Chicago, USA) and Arild Bjørndal (University of Oslo).

The objective is …
  • To improve general knowledge of quantitative social research, effect-measurement, and systematic reviews
  • To give a picture of new trends in this area (e. g. the debate on synthesizing qualitative studies)
  • To improve knowledge of tools and resources for conducting a systematic review
  • To give first hand experience of using such tools and resources
  • To increase participants’ ability to find, evaluate and synthesize data from primary studies
  • To give a grounding in meta-analysis
  • To develop topical issues as structured questions for research on effectiveness
  • To introduce the Campbell Collaboration and its activities
  • To encourage registration of research projects with the Campbell Collaboration
The program will address issues such as:
  • Why conduct a systematic review?
  • How does one identify and structure a research topic?
  • How can one find relevant research literature?
  • How can one address the question of effectiveness or measure program effectiveness?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of different study designs in identifying causal links between an intervention and an outcome?

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