Higgins wins Mosteller Award

Julian Higgins, Senior Statistician at the MRC Biostatistics Unit in Cambridge, UK, receives the award for his important contributions to systematic reviewing both in the Campbell and Cochrane Collaborations. Higgins is one of the lead Editors of the current Cochrane Handbook, and has authored several of its chapters.

The Frederick Mosteller Award for Distinctive Contributions to Systematic Reviewing is awarded to an individual who has made an important contribution to the theory, method or practice of systematic reviewing in areas relevant to the Campbell Collaboration. The Mosteller Award ceremony will take place at the joint Campbell/Cochrane Colloquium in Keystone, Colorado, in October.

- It is very appropriate that the Campbell Collaboration will honour Julian Higgins at the first colloquium to be co-hosted with the Cochrane Collaboration. Julian has worked - both theoretically and practically - to improve the methodological quality of systematic reviews. In that work the boundaries between the two collaborations are insignificant; Campbell has learned a tremendous lot from Julian and the Cochrane effort, says Arild Bjørndal, Co-chair of Campbell Collaboration’s Steering Group.

Many accomplishments
Higgins is a leading contributor to statistical methods in meta-analysis. His general research interests are within methodological development, evaluation and dissemination in areas of meta-analysis, systematic reviews and evidence synthesis.

Julian Higgins is also co-author of the recently released textbook Introduction to Meta-Analysis, which is a new and authoritative source of guidance for those undertaking meta-analysis.

In addition to leadership roles in the Cochrane Collaboration, he is a member of the Campbell Collaboration Methods Group Advisory Committee and an associate editor of the new journal Research Synthesis Methods.

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