Special Interest Group on Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis at AERA

The Education Coordinating Group needs your support to establish a Special Interest Group (SIG) on Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis at the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Last year at the AERA annual meeting, over 8,000 papers were presented. However only 32 of these utilized or presented information on systematic review or meta-analysis. This number is too small and the Education Coordinating Group is supporting plans to set up a SIG to begin to address this.

To receive temporary status as a SIG, AERA requires at least 100 'signatures" from individuals interested in joining this new group. Please add your signature to the petition on Surveymonkey by clicking here. You will be asked to provide your name, email and a pledge to join the group. Although AERA membership is not required a this time, you will be asked to pledge to join both AERA and the SIG for a period no less that three years. (Providing this information will supplant your written signature).

A document that describes in more detail the plan to create the SIG is available to download via the link below. Please feel to email any of the leadership team with further questions or to find out how you can help:

If enough signatures are received and the proposal is approved by the AERA Executive Committee, the SIG will have its first formal business meeting (open to all) at next year's conference.

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