Welcome to the webpages for the Campbell Collaboration’s Disability Coordinating Group!

The Disability Coordinating Group (DCG) is an international network of scholars, policy makers, practitioners, funders, students, and others, who are interested in evidence-based practice and systematic reviews.

Volunteer professionals prepare, update, and disseminate systematic reviews of high-quality evaluations of educational and training interventions aimed at improving education and learning.

Please use the left-hand menu to navigate these web pages and find out more about the DCG and its work:

  • About our group – provides details about the work of the Group, who is involved and how we can help you.
  • Disability reviews – provides information on all of the current systematic reviews registered with and published by the Group.
  • Contact us – describes how you can join and get involved in the Group as well the key people you should contact if you want to know more.

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