Crime and Justice Coordinating Group

The mission of the Campbell Crime and Justice Coordinating Group (CJCG) is to coordinate, facilitate and encourage the production, updating and accessibility of high quality systematic reviews. CJCG is an international network of researchers that prepares and disseminates systematic reviews of high-quality research on methods to reduce crime and delinquency and improve the quality of justice. These reviews of research on the effects of criminological and criminal justice interventions are developed to inform criminal justice policies, to reduce crime and increase justice in society.

The CJCG prepares systematic reviews on the effects of interventions that are:

  • aimed at the prevention, treatment or control of crime or delinquency
  • designed to improve the criminal justice system, including those relevant to forensics, police, courts, prison, probation, etc.
  • within both civil and criminal law

Our principles

  • To prepare rigorous systematic reviews of high-quality evaluations.
  • To update those reviews periodically to take into account new studies, criticism and methodological advances.
  • To disseminate the reviews electronically to ensure rapid and widespread access.
  • To use search strategies that ensure that all high-quality studies are taken into account.
  • To collaborate internationally to ensure worldwide coverage of the literature and the translation of review results into multiple languages.
  • To establish a multi-national and multi-interest editorial board so that reviews are relevant and written in an accessible way.
  • To maintain open processes to enable users to understand and criticize decisions made at each stage of the process.
  • To create an accessible register of evaluation studies as a resource to reviewers and others.

How can we help you?

CJCG welcomes review proposals from any interested persons or teams. We encourage the participation of academics, policy makers, practitioners, service users, and students.

New titles are approved by our Steering Committee, an internationally representative group of 18 experts in crime and justice research, policy, and practice. Protocols and reviews are also subjected to a rigorous peer assessment process. We solicit critiques from substantive, methodological, and information search specialists and seek the committee's approval before publishing protocol and review documents.

The Steering Committee and editorial team of the CJCG are committed to supporting contributors to ensure that they complete reviews in a timely manner and to Campbell standards. Our Methods Editor, David B. Wilson (George Mason University, USA), is a leader in the field of meta-analysis and can provide technical and statistical assistance. The other members of our editorial team all have extensive experience in conducting systematic reviews and can advise authors on all other aspects of systematic review methodology. 

We welcome the participation of researchers, practitioners, policy makers, teachers, students, media, and concerned citizens from anywhere in the world. Would you like to get involved or join our mailing list? Do you have questions or comments? Please get in touch with the Crime and Justice Group Managing Editor.

Elizabeth Eggins
University of Queensland, Australia 
Email: [email protected]

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