Ask our International Development expert

Hugh Waddington, Co-chair
International Development Coordinating Group
Senior Evaluation Specialist, Synthesis and Reviews, 3ie
Delhi, India

My expertise covers substantive knowledge of development programming in low- and middle-income country settings, and methodological knowledge. 
- Agriculture/ rural development (eg support for smallholder farmers)
- Financial inclusion (eg microfinance)
- Governance programming (citizen engagement, decentralised service delivery)
- Labour market policy
- Maternal and child health 
- Nutrition programmes for children
- Social protection (eg cash and in-kind transfers)
- Water, sanitation and hygiene
I have also made methodological contributions in the areas of impact evaluations (critical appraisal for randomised and non-randomised/quasi-experimental studies) and evidence synthesis (systematic reviews in international development, statistical synthesis of impact evidence, mixed methods in systematic reviews, evidence mapping).

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