Boruch Award goes to Lawrence Sherman

Professor Lawrence Sherman, a leading figure in the growth of experimental criminology, wins this year's Boruch Award. The prize is awarded for his long standing work in advancing evidence-based policy in the field of crime and justice.

Prof. Sherman, a prolific writer and researcher, co-founded the Campbell Crime and Justice Group in 2000 and continues to serve as a member on its Steering Committee. Sherman has played a major role in promoting experimental field studies as the key to evidence-based policing practices. Until his groundbreaking Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment in the early 1980's, randomized field trials were virtually unheard of in policing. This research prompted changes in police department policies and procedures and spurred legislative reform.

In 1987 he discovered that over half of all reported crime and disorder occurred at just 3% of the property addresses in a major city. He showed that that exactly where and when crime will occur is far more predictable than anyone had previously thought, thus laying the theoretical and empirical basis for "hot spots policing", now widely practiced worldwide.

He has explored such wide ranging issues such as domestic violence, police crackdowns and saturation patrol, gun violence, crack houses, and restorative justice. He has collaborated with over 30 police and justice agencies around the world.

- I am delighted that this year's prize goes to such a remarkable and able scholar, says Bob Boruch, the founding chair of the Campbell Collaboration for whom the award is named.

Selected appointments
Lawrence Sherman is Professor at both the University of Cambridge (UK) and the University of Maryland (USA). In 2008, he founded the Jerry Lee Center of Experimental Criminology at Cambridge University, the only centre in the world devoted to experimental research in this field. With Jerry Lee and others, he also played a key role in the creation of the Stockholm Prize in Criminology, which is now considered the most prestigious in the field of criminology. Sherman has himself received almost every major award in crime and justice.

About the Boruch Award
The Robert Boruch Award for Distinctive Contributions to Research that Informs Public Policy is awarded to an individual who has made an important contribution to research on social interventions that inform public policy in areas relevant to The Campbell Collaboration. The award ceremony will take place at the joint Campbell/Cochrane Colloquium in Keystone, Colorado, in October.

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