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Top 10 picks from the Global Evidence & Implementation Summit program

GEIS 2018 Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers shown above

The Global Evidence and Implementation Summit (GEIS) 2018 is now less than two months away! Being held in Melbourne, Australia from 22-24 October, GEIS 2018 will bring together experts from across the world to talk about their experiences in generating and implementing evidence for better policy and practice.

Below are our top program picks for GEIS 2018. If you champion the use evidence for better policy, programs and practice, you won’t want to miss this significant global event! 

  1. Better abstract screening: Theory and practice. Joshua Polanin, American Institutes for Research (USA)
  2. Use of cost-effectiveness analysis for practice and policy decision-making in low- and middle-income countries. Denny John, Campbell Collaboration (India)
  3. The benefits of routine data collection in community health work: Findings from a systematic review. Bianca Albers et al, Centre for Evidence and Implementation (Australia)
  4. Creating stronger families around the world: Evidence from a systematic review of kinship care. Marc Winokur, Colorado State University (USA)
  5. How the worlds of policy and research interact to produce evidence for public policy decisions. Professor Sandy Oliver, University College London (UK)
  6. Universal preschool- and school-based education programmes for reducing ethnic prejudice among children aged 3-11. Ciara Keenan, Campbell UK & Ireland (UK)
  7. Multisystemic therapy: Evidence and implementation. Julia Littell, Bryn Mawr College (USA)
  8. Quality appraisal of single-case experimental designs: Current issues and future directions. Oliver Wendt, University of Central Florida (USA)
  9. Community-oriented policing to reduce crime and improve citizen perceptions: A systematic review. Charlotte Gill, George Mason University (USA)
  10. International Development - Using evidence to measure and create impact for beneficiaries and donors. Naomi Rutenberg, The Forest Hills Group (USA) 

The full summit programme includes posters, rapid ignite presentations and 20-minute oral presentations from renowned evidence and implementation experts worldwide. View the full programme.

More than 400 delegates have already registered for this significant global event. Join them in Melbourne, Australia this October – register now! 

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