QUIZ-Which development programmes work?

Take our quiz, made by Simon Goudie and Howard White.

Which development programmes, policies and practices are most cost-effective to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?

Many development interventions sound intuitively appealing. We think they should improve people’s lives. But evidence shows that intuition isn’t reliable when determining whether interventions actually make a difference. Cost-efficiciency is important, so scarce resources are used in the best way possible.

Last year, the Oxford-based non-profit organisation 80,000 hours launched a quiz challenging people to evaluate 10 US-based social programmes. Participants were invited to guess whether or not the programmes were effective, had no effect, or caused harm. The results showed that most people got just four answers correct – “just a tiny bit better than chance,” as 80,000 hours noted.

So how is your knowledge of development programmes?

We have put together a quiz based on the evidence from systematic reviews in the Campbell Library, covering a range of topics from deworming and bednets to agricultural extension to paying farmers to not cut down trees.

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