What We Do

The Campbell Collaboration Education Coordinating Group is an international network of scholars, policymakers, practitioners, funders, students, and others, who are interested in evidence-based practice and systematic reviews within the field of education.

That includes disciplines such as: compulsory school-aged education; special education; adult/professional education; early childhood education; higher education; speech-language pathology; disability; and literacy.

The objectives of the Education Coordinating Group are:

  • to produce up-to-date, critical and systematic reviews of intervention/instruction/remediation/treatment in education. These reviews will focus on substantive topics through the summary and analysis of high-quality research evidence provided by studies that use quality controlled research methods such as randomized, quasi-experimental, and single subject designs.
  • to establish a network of collaborators who want to undertake or contribute to the production of systematic reviews.
  • to facilitate and encourage consumer involvement in the group's activities. Consumers are considered to be partners in each step of the review process: from priority setting, through initiating and conducting reviews, to disseminating results.
  • to provide training in the form of workshops, courses, or symposia that will guide authors in producing systematic reviews.

An overview of the current work of the Education Coordinating Group can be found in the latest issue of the Group's Newsletter. News on the most recent developments and activities of the Group can be found on the Education Updates page of this website.

 For more about the work of the Education Coordinating Group please contact us.

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