Editorial Board

The roles and responsibilities of the Editorial Board, as set out in the Education Coordinating Group's Governance Plan, are to:

  • Provide peer review for Education Coordinating Group protocols and completed reviews when requested
  • Attend annual Editorial Board meetings
  • Provide intellectual support and advice to the Editor and Co-Chairs
  • Make recommendations to the main Steering Group of the Campbell Collaboration regarding appropriate Editor candidates, when it is time to select a new one

Membership of the Editorial Board

Joshua H. Barnett, Arizona State University, USA
Robert M. Bernard, Concordia University, Canada
Bob Boruch, Universiy of Pennsylvania, USA
Bette Chambers, University of York, UK
Dennis S. Davis, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
Colleen Davison, Queen's University, Canada
David Gough, EPPI-Centre, University of London, UK
Sherri Lauver, Synergy Enterprises Inc., USA
Brandy R. Maynard, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Sarah Miller, Queen's University Belfast, UK
Melanie Nind, University of Southampton, UK
Carole Torgerson, Durham University, UK
Oliver Wendt, Purdue University, USA

The appointment of members to the Editorial Board is determined by procedures set out in the Governance Plan that was agreed by the Campbell Collaboration Steering Group in May 2012.

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