2013 Frederick Mosteller Award Winner

The Campbell Collaboration is pleased to announce the winner of the 2013 Frederick Mosteller Award.
The Frederick Mosteller Award honours an individual who has made an important contribution to the theory, method or practice of systematic reviewing in  areas within the ambit of the Campbell Collaboration. This year Frank L. Schmidt has been selected as the recipient of this award. Schmidt was one of the  pioneer developers of systematic review methods, who widely advocated their use. His methodological contributions and insights have enriched the field,  which have in part, made the Campbell Collaboration possible.
Schmidt , John Hunter (1939-2002) and Greg Jackson produced one of the first methodological guides to meta-analysis in the early 1980s. Schmidt and  Hunter went on to create two subsequent guides, all of which had a significant influence on the early growth and application of meta-analysis. Schmidt  broke early on from conventional wisdom, which held that individual studies were best-suited for advancing knowledge, arguing instead that the meta-analysis of research findings was. Over the years Schmidt has continued to publish both substantive and methodological meta-analysis papers on the subject.

Today Schmidt is a Professor Emeritus at the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa.
Congratulations Frank!
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