The Campbell Collaboration

Producing a review

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The Campbell Collaboration offers excellent editorial service and peer review for authors of systematic reviews. Publishing a review with Campbell increases visibility and impact. We can offer seed money for certain projects, assistance with searching and other forms of methodological support.

The steps in producing a Campbell systematic review are:
  1. Title registration
  2. Developing a protocol (project plan)
  3. Undertaking the systematic review
  4. Publishing the review

Guidelines and resources for review production can be found in our Resource Center.

Working together
The Campbell Collaboration is a dynamic worldwide network of scholars and practitioners who are interested in stimulating evidence-based policy and practice.

The production of a systematic review is a truly collaborative effort. Reviews are always produced by review teams, bringing together methodological and content expertise, often supported by input from users (policy makers, practitioner and clients). Relevant methodological expertise includes: information/library science (searching and text retrieval), knowledge of primary research designs and methods, data management, and meta-analysis.

Campbell's editorial process and peer-review system
Campbell's proven editorial process and peer-review system provides authors with advice and skilled assistance in research design, statistical analysis and searching, as well as substantive expertise.

The staff (Editors, Trial Search Coordinators, and Coordinators) of each Coordinating Group provide authors with assistance in planning and executing systematic reviews.

The Campbell Library of Systematic Reviews
Campbell reviews are published in the Campbell Library of Systematic Reviews, and are freely accessible online. Campbell systematic reviews can be updated as further relevant information emerges.

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