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C2 Update: News from The Campbell Collaboration
C2 Update is a newsletter for people involved in The Campbell Collaboration. It includes short notices on events and activities in and around Campbell. If you would like to contribute to future issues, please send an e-mail to

Crime & Justice Update
News from The Campbell Collaboration's Crime and Justice Coordinating Group.
Group contact: Charlotte Gill.

Education Update
News from The Campbell Collaboration's Education Coordinating Group.
Group contact: Joann Starks.

Social Welfare Update
News from The Campbell Collaboration's Social Welfare Coordinating Group.
Group contact: Jane Dennis, PhD

International Development Update
News from The Campbell Collaboration's International Development Coordinating Group.
Group contact: Martina Vojtkova

Infobrev fra The Campbell Collaboration
Information with relevance for Norway (in Norwegian)

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Equity Methods Group newsletter
To subscribe, send an e-mail to the Campbell/Cochrane Equity Methods Group Coordinator Erin Ueffing.

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