The Campbell Collaboration
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The Campbell Scorecard

The Campbell Collaboration is a relatively small organization with great potential. A glance at the ‘scorecard’ below and it is evident how much we have grown since our humble beginning in 2000:

The Campbell Library
The Campbell Library is a database where systematic reviews, protocols and registered titles can easily be searched and downloaded, free of charge.

The hit list:
  • A total of 700 000 documents have been downloaded from the Library
  • The review ‘School-Based Programs to Reduce Bullying and Victimization’ has been downloaded more then 61 000 times
  • More than 17 000 downloads of the review ‘Effects of cognitive-behavioral programs for criminal offenders’
  • Of the 82 systematic reviews in The Campbell Library, 6 have been downloaded more then 10 000 times and 19 have between 4 000-10 000 downloads.

The website
The Campbell Collaboration website is a user-friendly resource where researchers, professionals, and decision makers can go to find evidence, contacts or systematic review resources and tools.

Who visits the Campbell website?

  • More than 260 000 unique visitors to the website since 2008
    • 1/3 of the visitors return to the website
    • Countries: 43% from USA, 14% from UK, 7% from Canada, 6% from Norway, 5% from Australia, about 2% from Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands each and sporadic traffic from Germany and Spain (and others).
    • 200 to 400 people visit daily, totaling more than 88 000 in 2012.
  • Training videos such as ‘Fixed vs. random effect models’ and ‘Effect size calculation and basic meta-analysis’ are increasingly popular with between 3500 and 7000 hits in 2012 alone [Training-section in the Resource Center]
  • Our ‘Practical Meta-Analysis Effect Size Calculator’ continues to draw crowds with more than 27 000 visitors using the tool so fare.

The Monograph
Campbell Systematic Reviews is the peer-reviewed online monograph series of systematic reviews prepared under the editorial control of the Campbell Collaboration. Campbell systematic reviews follow structured guidelines and standards for summarizing international research evidence on the effects of interventions in crime and justice, education, international development, and social welfare. The reviews are published in the Campbell Library.

Who are we?