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Welcoming our New Steering Group co-Chair!

The Campbell Collaboration is pleased to announce the election of Julia H. Littell to the position of co-Chair of our Steering Group.

Julia Littell has been actively involved in the Collaboration for over a decade, and was previously co-Chair and Editor of our Social Welfare Group (from 2004 to 2009).  As well as writing systematic reviews, notably the Campbell review on Multisystemic Therapy, she is the lead author of Systematic reviews and meta-analysis, published by Oxford University Press.

Dr. Littell brings to the position her vision for the Collaboration, which sees it growing in “volume, reach, rigor, and relevance.” She underscores the role the Collaboration plays in bridging the gap between research and policy, and adds that,

“C2 reviews should address problems that are important for policy and practice, use the best scientific methods available to synthesize credible research results, and communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders worldwide.”

Priorities for the Collaboration in the coming years will centre on fundraising, engaging relevant and diverse stakeholders, and recruiting and supporting new authors. Julia succeeds Mark Lipsey as co-Chair following the Steering Group Meeting at the May 2013 Campbell Colloquium in Chicago.

For more information about Julia Littell’s academic background and research interests click here.

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