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Call for 2013 award nominations

Dr. David B. Wilson
Prof. David P. Farrington
Nominations are now being accepted for two Campbell Collaboration awards, the Mosteller Award and the Boruch Award.

The Frederick Mosteller Award for Distinctive Contributions to Systematic Reviews is presented to an individual who has made an important contribution to the theory, method or practice of systematic reviewing in criminal justice, education or social welfare. The Mosteller Award winner of 2012 was Dr. David B. Wilson for his contributions to both the methodology and practice of research synthesis.

The Robert Boruch Award for Evidence-Based Research in Public Policy is given for research on social interventions that informs public policy in criminal justice, education or social welfare. Professor David P. Farrington received the award in 2012 for his long standing work in advancing evidence-based policy through his basic research, reviews of experiments and systematic reviews in the field of crime and justice

Nomination procedure
To nominate someone for either of these awards, please send a letter of nomination (two pages maximum) describing the nominee's fitness for the award and the nominee's CV to Jeff Valentine.

NOTE: The nomination deadline for both awards is Tuesday, 15 January 2013!