The Campbell Collaboration


Campbell Library News Part 2

The Campbell Collaboration is pleased to announce that 9 new systematic reviews have been published in our Library so far this year. Topics include the effects of custodial and non-custodial sanctions on reoffending & interventions to improve the employment outcomes of cancer survivors.


Campbell Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Campbell Collaboration is growing and our production of systematic reviews has increased. We are now looking for a new CEO. Deadline for applications: 15 May 2015.


Join the Campbell revolution

The role of CEO of the Campbell Collaboration through the past seven years has been challenging and rewarding, and it is soon time to pass the baton.


Interventions to Reduce FGM in African Countries. Do They Work?

In our new interview, Rigmor Berg discusses the topic of FGM prevention. How does one measure the success of interventions to reduce FGM prevalence, and why do some interventions appear to be more effective than others? A pdf version of the interview is also available.