Campbell at the SREE spring conference

Campbell was broadly represented at the SREE conference “Building an Education Science: Investigating Mechanisms” with three events: Sandra Wilson chaired the “Social and Behavioral and Mechanisms in Education Symposium” where four recent systematic reviews in education from the Campbell Collaboration were presented.
  • The Effect of Cooperative Learning on Inter-Ethnic Relations in Schools, Philip Curry.
  • A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Indicated. Interventions to Increase Student Attendance, Brandy R. Maynard.
  • Teacher Classroom Management Practices: Effects on Disruptive or Aggressive Student Behavior, Regina M. Oliver.
  • Effects of Prevention and Intervention Programs on School Completion and Dropout, Sandra Jo Wilson

Further, Mark Lipsey hosted a Research Methods Symposium on The Age Cutoff Regression-Discontinuity Design for Preschool Effects: Methodological Quirks and Implications for Application, and together Mark Lipsey and Sandra Wilson hosted a half-day training session on Meta-Analysis of Intervention Research in Education.

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