Our Annual Colloquium

With partnerships developing in a number of countries, Campbell began its tradition of annual Colloquia in 2001. The Colloquium is Campbell's main event, and attracts researchers and policy makers from around the world. Its purpose is to promote systematic reviews of research evidence on the effectiveness of social interventions, and the methodology involved.

The Colloquium provides a meeting place for policy makers, practitioners and researchers, and stimulates the work of the organization. The program features a variety of presentations of completed systematic reviews in the fields of social welfare, education, and criminal justice, and the opportunity to attend training sessions on methodology and other issues.

Why do we call it a Colloquium?
A colloquium is an academic activity, typically involving a lecture by an academic about his or her work to colleagues. The audience is expected to ask questions and to evaluate the work presented. Colloquia provide scholars with the opportunity to face and respond to criticism in the early stages of the development of new ideas.