The Campbell Collaboration

About Us

Who we are
The Campbell Collaboration is an international research network that produces systematic reviews of the effects of social interventions in Crime & Justice, Education, International Development, and Social Welfare.

Our vision

We seek to bring about positive social change, and to improve the quality of public and private services around the world. We prepare, maintain and disseminate systematic reviews of research related to education, crime and justice, social welfare, and international development. 

We believe that a systematic and rigorous approach to research synthesis improves the knowledge base for decisions on policy and practice. Better-informed choices  by policymakers, practitioners, and members of the general public can lead to better outcomes.

Our publications are influential

Our reviews are extensively peer-reviewed and are fully and freely available online. We also provide a range of online training materials. Campbell reviews have contributed to informing policies and decisions on topics as diverse as bullying prevention juvenile justice, and welfare-to-work programs.

Competence building

Building competence in research synthesis methodology is a key to increasing capacity for systematic reviews. Our colloquia include training sessions, and we also arrange stand-alone training workshops run by qualified and experienced teachers. Contact us to discuss training needs within the field of systematic review analysis and related methodologies.

Fast Track Reviews
The Campbell Collaboration has established a fast track for selected reviews: these will be conducted according to the same robust standards of the Campbell review process but within a more rapid time frame. 

For further information about the fast track review programme, please read our information brochure. To commission a review, please contact us at <info [at] c2admin [dot] org>

Preparing Systematic Reviews

If you are interested in commissioning work from the Campbell Collaboration, and finding out more about how systematic reviews can improve decision-making, please contact us to find out more about how we could help.

The Campbell Board

Campbell's Board has seven members, one of whom is a representative of Campbell's Coordinating Groups and one of whom is a representative of the major funding agencies that support the Campbell Collaboration. The other Board members are elected by the Campbell members. The Board is chaired by Campbell's President. .

The Campbell Secretariat

Campbell's International Secretariat is located in Oslo and hosted by the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services. The Oslo office supports all aspects of the Collaborationís work, including the production of systematic reviews, internal and external communications, our website, fundraising, and arrangements for our Colloquia and other international events.

For more detail about the Campbell Collaboration, please consult our governance documents or download our information flyer.