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Colloquium 2009

With the theme Better evidence for a better world, the Ninth Annual Colloquium of the Campbell Collaboration was held 18-20 May 2009 in Oslo, Norway. In spite of the economic downturn and the swine flu scare, turnout was high, with 24 countries from over 5 continents represented. 

This year, there was a focus on low and middle income countries. In the global effort against poverty, do we know enough about the effectiveness of measures designed to improve the lives of people in poor countries? This Colloquium also examined how social and health policies interrelate, bearing in mind the need to systematically build the best possible evidence base for future policies and programmes.

The event was opened by Norway's foreign minister Jonas Gahr StÝre,
who recalled his previous role at the WHO during a time when it established a greater focus on evidence. StÝre's speech was followed by three days of vibrant discussion and more than 100 presentations.

Programme  highlights included a stirring challenge to a dichotomised world view from Hans Rosling stating that "students have the view of the world that corresponds to the reality the year their teachers were born." He pointed to the old view that the developed world has "long lives and small families" and the developing world has the reverse. This was true in 1950 but not today. The change of demographics has taken place slowly, in fact too slow for the media to notice.

Campbell's Methods Group offered training courses in the basics of systematic reviewing. All sessions were oversubscribed, demonstrating that there is a keen and growing interest in systematic reviews.

All available abstracts and presentations that we are permitted to publish can now be accessed through the daily programme pages on our website. We hope this will be useful for you.
Programme book
The programme book is now available for download.

Colloquium Photos are now available. If you want to make use of any of the photos, please contact us in advance at for clarification of copyright related issues.